Compassion Made Easy

Buddha taught that we all carry within us the potential for limitless compassion, but connecting with it isn’t always easy.

In this accessible morning course we will explore practical steps and teachings that:

  • Give you techniques for developing a compassionate mindset towards yourself and others.
  • Deepen your understanding and experience of compassion without developing “compassion fatigue”.
  • Help you to recognize and respond to others’ needs with empathy.
  • Encourage you to engage in acts of kindness in your daily life.

Suitable for everyone, from those new to these ideas to those seeking to enrich their existing practice.

Step into a life where compassion is not just an ideal, but a simple, achievable reality.

Booking Information

  • Book online or just turn up and pay with cash or card on the door.
  • If you book online just say your name on arrival.
  • Free to members, please type MEMBER  as the discount code when you book.


Akanishta KBC, Cheltenham




10.30am - 1.30pm


£20 / Free to members


Gen Öpel