Make a donation to Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Registered Charity number: 1125213

Your gift will bring benefit to many, many people.

Akanishta  Kadampa Buddhist centre is a uniquely positive environment in the heart of Cheltenham, dedicated to the benefit and happiness of everyone and is a special peaceful place of contemplation and meditation, open to all.

The Centre is a non-profit organisation and is run only by a dedicated team of volunteers. Our Centre is the result of the kindness of many people over many years, and we continue to rely upon support from our community to enable us to offer classes and events.

Your donations will be used for the development of world peace by making Buddha’s timeless teachings on finding permanent inner peace available to the people of the area and beyond.

Making a donation to Akanishta Kadampa Buddhist Centre is an opportunity to be part of a unique organisation. Your donation matters and whatever you contribute will be making a difference. Your generosity will help us to fulfil our vision of spreading Buddha’s timeless wisdom in order to help everyone in our society develop inner peace and harmony.

Your kindness and act of giving are greatly appreciated!