Regular £15 Concessions £10

Deeper Meanings – 2 October,10.30 to 1.30pm

Ever wished you had more direction and meaning in your life? Buddha’s teachings directly help us with our inner or spiritual development, which on this morning means being concerned for much more than the outer or material development of our life.

Developing a controlled and peaceful mind, is essential to our wellbeing and on this morning we will take a practical look at how to begin to recognise and abandon our negative states of mind.

In particular our attachment, anger and ignorance. We call these states of mind the three poisons because they bring so much sufferings to living beings and direct us to harmful actions and destroy our happiness

On this morning we will learn to develop wishes and intentions within our own heart that give us a chance to fulfil the spiritual potential of our human life. We will take a practical look at how to begin to control our negative states of mind, and begin to create the casues of future happiness and bring benefit to our friends, family and eventually everyone.

Join with Gen Öpel for this meaningful morning developing a common spiritual practice for our daily life.

Prayers for World Peace – 3 October, 9.30am

Akanishta  Kadampa Buddhist centre is a unique positive environment in the heart of Cheltenham, dedicated to the benefit and happiness of all living beings and is a special peaceful place of contemplation and meditation, open to everyone.

Our world is a troubled place, with people experiencing confusion, violence and suffering in so many different ways. On this morning come a long and make  a real difference by learning to develop in your own heart a sincere compassionate wish for everyone, including our friends and family, to be free from suffering and experience pure peace and happiness. The meditation will be chanted and guided, it is very simple and powerful and everyone can enjoy.

Having dedicated our morning to others in a meaningful way, we will go for a stroll and enjoy the outdoor environment of Pittville Park.

You are welcome to join for both or either of these events.  There will be a video link in the sitting room for families with young children.

9.30 am Prayers for World Peace.

11am Pittville Park Stroll.  Meet at Central Cross Cafe, and enjoy a walk around the lake, with friends and family, weather permitting. Everyone is welcome.

This event is free.

Meal and Quiz, Garden Fund Raiser, 8 October , 7pm

Come along to our fun and relaxed evening, enjoy a two course meal prepared by Paolo. Then test out your general knowledge with a team quiz. Places are limited to 25 (5 teams) book to avoid disappointment.

All Proceeds will go to furthering our peace garden, which is in the next stage of development. Find out more on the evening.

Accommodation or Non-resident

Retreat Venue – Thornby Hall Friday 15 to 17 October

The countryside weekend meditation retreat will take place at Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre, Thornby Hall, Naseby Road, Thornby, NN6 8SW

Built in the seventeenth century, Thornby Hall is a stunning Grade-2 listed Jacobean manor. The Hall is set in seventeen acres of grounds including formal lawns, natural woodland and a lake. Surrounded by beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, this is an ideal opportunity to get away and immerse yourself in retreat.


The World Peace Café is open daily.


Meals are included in the course fee and will be vegetarian unless you request vegan option. Allergies: please note – we cannot guarantee there will be no traces of gluten, dairy, nuts etc in the food.


Ample parking on the property.


Ensuit single and twin rooms, newly furnished to the highest standard within the stable block of the property.

Weekend Retreat – Opening the Heart

The  retreat will be  guided by our Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Öpel and will be a wonderful chance to become familiar with the teachings and meditations found in Geshe Kelsang’s book, The Mirror of Dharma with additions.  Retreat is always a great way to deepen our experience of meditation and our understanding of the Dharma teachings, with the added bonus of spending time away, with Sangha friends. Everyone who attends will discover a restful and rewarding weekend and well worth making the time to attend.

Fees include two nights accommodation, all meals and course attendance.

Don’t look back in anger – 13 November, 10.30 to 1.30pm

In situations of conflict, we tend to become angry easily. We even think anger will help us ‘win our battles’, and we rely on it as if it were our trusted friend.

However, the mind of anger leaves a trail of broken relationships, lost opportunities, and painful feelings in its wake. There’s a reason for this. According to Buddha anger is a deluded, unpeaceful mind that distorts our perception, causing us to exaggerate problems so that they feel unmanageable.

As Shantideva a famous Buddhist teacher says, no one can live happily with anger.

Consequently, so much of our life feels overwhelming, which makes us even more angry and unhappy; with ourselves and others, in our past, present and even our future.

During this morning Gen Öpel will explain Buddha’s illuminating and practical teachings on how to let go of anger. Putting these explanations into practice will enable us to transform the energy of anger into something more meaningful, skilful and creative. Opening us up to new possibilities and determinations.

Please see our members page for gaining regular access to classes through becoming a centre card member. These contributions are deeply appreciated and are essential for the continued running of the centre. Please also contact the centre if you wish to access online classes and feel unable to make contributions in these times of increased financial constraint. Everyone is welcome to enjoy and benefit from these classes.