Our Monday Evening Class, with Gen Opel, 7.30pm in person and Zoom.

January 24 to 7 March: The Mind and Inner Peace – Thinking Outside the Box

Does your mind seem to have a mind of its own? Is it full of unwanted clutter? With meditation we can all put some order into our mental space and more balance and calmness into our life.

A recorded video of the Monday Class will be available Tuesdays from 7.30 pm till the following Monday.

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Seven Weeks:  Monday January 24 to Monday 7 March 

The Mind and Inner Peace – Thinking Outside the Box

About the Course:

Our mind is with us 24 hours a day every day. It can make us laugh or make us cry. It can cause us to love. It can cause us to hate. It can lead us to bliss or plunge us into sorrow. It can make us happy and destroy that same happiness in an instant. Like a balloon in the wind, we just don’t know where it is going or what is coming next. Stop my mind, I want to get off! Yet we barely know what it is. 

We need to start thinking outside the box, to get the bigger picture. What exactly is our mind? How does it work? And how can we control it? With a clearer and better perspective on our mind, life becomes happier, more balanced and moves steadily forward.

Following the advice and wisdom found within Geshe Kelsang’s book: How to Understand the Mind.  Gen Kelsang Opel  will explain how to use our own mind to make this transformation for ourselves.

24/1  Getting to Know Your Own Mind

31/1  Your Mind and Meditation

7/2    Say No to Negative Emotions

14/2  Positive Thinking

21/2  Tranquillity – the hidden depths of your mind

28/2  Keeping the Peace

7/3   Pulling it all together

– Guided meditations to inspire inner peace and positivity

– A talk with practical advice for busy daily life

– Refreshments and a chance to discuss and ask questions

Venue: Akanishta KBC, 59 Whaddon Road, Cheltenham, GL52 5NE