Our Tuesday Evening Class, with Gen Kelsang Losel, 7.30pm, in person

Venue: Friends meeting House, 53 Thomas St, Cirencester, GL7 28A

Tuesday 26th April – Tuesday 1st June. Modern Buddhism – Find Inner Peace and Solve Your Daily Problem

1) What is Modern Buddhism – and what does it have to offer me?

2) Looking at the bigger picture 

3) Quick fix – or is lasting happiness possible? 

Modern Buddhist concepts

4) Getting to the root of all our problems 

5) Dealing with disappointment and frustration 

6) Understanding why things happen

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About this course: 

Modern Buddhism is a practical presentation of Buddhist teachings that are suitable for people of this day and age – modern people – us! The teachings are scientific methods to solve our daily problems and are practical instructions for understanding and giving meaning to our lives. Through this we can improve our human nature and qualities and become a person of universal benefit.

During this course Gen Losel will give a practical presentation of Buddha’s teachings that show us how to find inner peace and meaning in our busy daily life. You will learn some basic meditation techniques and methods to keep your mind peaceful in your daily life.

Learning How to Be Kind

5 Week Meditation Class Series
Tuesday 21st June – 19th July