Our Thursday Evening Class, 7.30pm, in person.

Cheltenham Mondays

Kadampa Teacher

– Guided meditations to inspire inner peace and positivity

– A talk with practical advice for busy daily life

– Refreshments and a chance to discuss and ask questions

Venue: The Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud, GL5 1DF

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Modern Buddhism

The Path of Compassion and Wisdom

Modern Buddhism is a special presentation of Buddha’s teachings on compassion and wisdom that communicates their essence in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice.

By developing and maintaining compassion and wisdom in daily life, we can transform our lives, improve our relationships with others and look beyond appearances to see the way things actually exist. In this way we can solve all our daily problems and accomplish the real meaning of our human life. With compassion and wisdom, like the two wings of a bird, we can quickly reach the enlightened world of a Buddha.

A beautiful mind: Love, Compassion and Wisdom

7/10   The Good Heart of Bodhichitta

14 /10  The Kindness of living beings – affectionate love

21 /10  The Equality of Self and others – cherishing Love

28 /10  The Advantages of Cherishing others

4/10 The Disadvantages of Cherishing our self

Enlightenment one step at a time

4/11 The Disadvantages of Cherishing our self

11/11 Universal Compassion – Wishing Love

18 /11 The Practice of Taking and giving

25/11   The magical world of emptiness

2 /12  The preciousness of Tantra

9 /12     The Two stages of Tantra