Akanishta Peace Garden 2020.

We are fundraising for our New Garden ! All donations large and small a gratefully received to make this a wonderful space for the benefit of all.

Below are a few examples of what we are fundraising for. If you are able to donate any items or have ideas of what else would make the Akanishta Peace Garden really special don’t hesiate to get in contact with us through the contact link here.

Scroll down to donate and if you wish to offer some time contact us and we will let you know the dates for planting etc.

Flowers and Shrubs


Garden Shed

Water Feature

and Garden Buddha 🙂

To donate pick from the amouts listed for payment to be taken through paypal. Thankyou for whatever you are able to give towards this wonderfull project.

Donate £500, £100, £50 or some other amount

Donate £10, £5, £2 or some other amount