The classes begin with a breathing meditation to make the mind peaceful and clear. There then follows a practical explanation of an aspect of Buddhist thought and practice, emphasizing how these can be applied to daily life. The class usually concludes with a  second  guided meditation, followed by questions-and-answers.

There is also the an opportunity to talk informally with the teacher and other students and enjoy some light refreshments. .

Seating is provided on chairs, or you are welcome if you prefer to sit on the floor.

You may begin with any class, and are welcome to attend a whole course or just turn up to any class on a drop-in basis.

The benefits of Modern Buddhism and attendance at a weekly class.

Everyone is welcome to attend classes and benefit from the practices that are taught.

Learn practical solutions to everyday problems such as anger, uncontrolled desire, jealousy and self-grasping ignorance.

Experience lasting happiness through developing inner peace, improve your relationships and be of genuine help to others.

Enjoy a friendly, relaxed environment where you can meet and discuss with like-minded people.

Take advantage of advanced study and meditation courses for those seeking a deeper understanding and experience.